Microsoft Virtual Academy – New SQL Server 2012 Content Released

Microsoft has released 5 new SQL Server 2012 Microsoft Virtual Academy courses.

Breakthrough Insights using Microsoft SQL Server 2012 – Analysis Services

The 7 modules of this course will introduce you to concepts and practices such as:

  • Developing and Managing a Business Intelligent Semantic Model
  • Enriching your BI Semantic Models with Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)
  • Leveraging Master Data Services (MDS) in your Data Warehouse

Breakthrough Insights using Microsoft SQL Server 2012 – Scalable Data Warehouse

The 7 modules of this course will teach you:

  • What’s new in Microsoft StreamInsight
  • Symmetric Multiprocessing to Parallel Data Warehouse
  • Using columnstore technology to revolutionize your query performance
  • SQL Server Integration Services
  • SQL Server Fast Track for data warehouse for dramatic speed improvements
  • Going beyond relational data management into the realm of unstructured and spatial data management

Breakthrough Insights using Microsoft SQL Server 2012 – Reporting Services

The 9 modules of this course will teach you:  

  • What’s new Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services
  • Introduce you to Self-Service Alerting
  • What’s new in Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services and PowerPivot
  • How to use Power View for insightful visual reports
  • How to build great Business Intelligence Semantic Models for Power View
  • Deploying and managing PowerPivot in Microsoft SQL Server 2012 for SharePoint
  • A Deeper understanding of PowerPivot in Microsoft SQL Server 2012
  • How to install and configure Reporting Services in SharePoint Integration mode
  • An overview of Reporting Services in Microsoft SQL Azure

Cloud on your terms with Microsoft SQL server 2012: Scale on Demand

The 3 modules of this course will teach you: 

  • Virtualization in the Private Cloud (two parts)
  • Beyond the Hype – Hybrid Solutions for On-Premise and In-Cloud Database Applications

Mission Critical Confidence using Microsoft SQL Server 2012

The 9 modules of this course will teach you:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Security enhancements
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 High Availability and Disaster Recovery Design Patterns, Architectures and Best Practices using AlwaysOn
  • T-SQL Cookbook – Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Enhancements
  • Mission Critical application testing with Distributed Replay 
  • AlwaysOn Failover Cluster Instances and other High Availability enhancements
  • Improve Application Availability Using AlwaysOn – A Deep Dive Into Availability Groups
  • AlwaysOn – Active Secondary Part 1 – Readable Secondary
  • AlwaysOn – Active Secondary Part 2 – Enabling Backup On Secondary Replicas
  • Using The Power Of Extended Events For Tracing And Troubleshooting 



Microsoft Virtual Academy

The Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) is a free cloud-based learning environment focusing on Microsoft Technologies (Although the site states that it focuses on cloud-based technologies, I have found content in some countries not specific to the cloud).

The concept behind the MVA is similar to that of a “Virtual University”; students select a course(s) to study and then do a self-assessment exam to gauge how well they’ve understood the study material. Students also accrue points for material studied and courses completed which are used to promote them through a recognition system (Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Level) and provide them with a comparison on how they rank against other students in their country and around the world.

As it currently stands, there is only 1 SQL Server related course (Introduction To SQL Azure) currently available in Australia (and the United States and United Kingdom) however I have been advised by the Dean that new material will become available in the near future. I also mentioned earlier that there is additional content (SQL 2008/R2/Azure, .Net, Sharepoint, Silverlight, Windows Phone) available in other countries (mainly Spain and Colombia) with some of this content being in English and some in the native language of the selected country (the Microsoft study links are good as all you need to do is change the language setting of the site to a language of your choice and the content is translated. You can also use Google Translate on some of the content).

More information about the MVA can be found in the FAQ.

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