Jeff holds a Master’s Degree in Systems Development (.NET Stream) and a Master’s Degree in Database Design and Management (SQL Server). Jeff is also a MCT specialising in SQL Server and .Net technologies and holds MCPD, MCITP, MCDBA and MCSD certifications.

Recently Jeff was awarded the Microsoft Community Contributor award for his contributions on the Training and Certification and SQL Server Samples and Community Projects MSDN forums.

15 Responses to About

  1. Papy Normand says:

    Excellent blog ( and i understand it despite my poor english )
    I have a problem with a thread you are following in the MSDN SQL Server Data Access. How can i e-mail you ?

    Have a nice day

  2. deepak kelath says:

    good blog

    have a nice day

  3. karansharma says:

    Hi Jeff
    I need some information.
    I am starting to blog through my WordPress account. How can I link this to Microsoft Forums (CRM, CRM Development etc).

  4. karansharma says:

    But on the Forum’s user profile. I see various categories like Forums, blogs, Technet Wiki.
    Information for forums is updated by ratings and point scored in forums. How is the information for blogs updated

    Here is link to my profile.
    How are points and blog count updated on forums user profile

    • Mr. Wharty's Ramblings says:

      Points are only given for blogs hosted on MSDN and TechNet which means that they are only awarded to Microsoft Employees as they are the only people allowed to create blogs on MSDN and TechNet.

  5. jeffbenedict says:

    Any tips on making SQL 2008 R2 co-exist nicely on same DEV laptop w/ 2012. Please email me. Is there any specific order? 2012 first, 2008 R2 second, etc…

  6. Mr. Wharty's Ramblings says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Yes 2008 and 2012 can be installed side-by-side and there’s no specific order in which you need to install them. I have both these installed on my laptop and haven’t had any issues.

  7. outstanding certifications! keep on blogging dude!

  8. Joseph Lynch says:

    Upon taking a look at the Microsoft Virtual Academy, I noted that you are currently #1 in our Country – congrats champ.

    Also enjoying your blog, bookmarked for return!

    I’ll keep an eye out for you on your social networking sites.

    Joseph Lynch

  9. msuworld says:

    Loved your blog…I am preparing for MCSE BI Platform SQL Server, can you let know what are the fees for the exams all together for this ?

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