SSDT (SSIS) Bug – Marking a parameter as sensitive causes various Task Editors to close unexpectedly without error

Though I’d share details of another SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) bug to hopefully save others the time I wasted trying to figure out what was going on.


SSDT Version: November 2012 Update

Project Type: SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

Setting the Sensitive flag of package parameters to True causes various Task Editors to close down unexpectedly without error when trying to access properties associated with Variables.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Create a new Integration Services Project


2. Open the default Package

3. Click on the Parameters tab

4. Add a new parameter and set its Sensitive property to True


FTP Task

5. Add a FTP Task to the package

6. Open the FTP Task Editor by double clicking on the FTP Task

7. Select the File Transfer page

8. Set the IsLocalPathVariable property of the FTP Task to True

9. Try and select a value in the LocalVariable property field


File System Task

10. Add a File System Task to the package

11. Open the File System Task Editor by double clicking on the File System Task

12. Select the General page

13. Set the IsDestinationPathVariable property of the File System Task to True

14. Try and select a value in the DestinationVariable property field


BTW, if you set the IsSourcePathVariable property to True and then try and select a value in the SourceVariable field, a dropdown list is displayed showing a list of variables/parameters.  This is the expected.behaviour.



This error occurs on a number of other Tasks and I’m not sure whether this existed prior to the SSDT November 2012 Update as I don’t have a machine without this update to test against.

Microsoft Connect ID: 771677


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